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Are Cruise Vacations Safe?

I have been watching the CNN news reports about the accident involving the Costa Cruises’ vessel, the Costa Concordia. I was listening to the audio from the Italian Coast Guard and I heard how the captain of the ship had abandoned the cruise ship with the majority of 3,200 passengers and 1,000 crew members still on board. If I had not heard the audio, I would not believe it. Aren’t captains supposed to stay on board until everyone is safe?

Couple Looking out over Railing of Cruise Ship

Couple Looking out over Railing of Cruise Ship

This whole episode makes one wonder how safe the cruise lines are.  After all, people put their trust in the captain and the crew, and from what I have heard on the CNN reports, this captain completely failed the passengers in every way imaginable. But is this a common practice or one bad apple that is spoiling things for everyone else?

According to nonprofit Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), “Accidents such as this one are an extremely rare occurrence in the cruise industry, and cruising continues to be one of safest means of travel among all types of vacationing.” After all, in 2011 over 16 million people traveled on cruise lines safely all over the world.

Personally, I have not heard of many major accidents involving cruise ships, at not as many as the many airplane accidents that have happened over the years. So I feel that traveling by cruise ship is very safe. Also, judging from the reports, airplane accidents tend to have many more fatalities that cruise ships.

So I would not be too concerned about the safety of cruise line vacations. As compared to air travel, car trips and train travel, the cruise line industry appears to have a very good track record when it comes to accidents that involve fatalities.

In other words, if you were thinking about taking a vacation cruise, go ahead and schedule it. You should be safe. You are certainly welcome to use this vacation cruise line selection tool in order to choose a cruise ship or cruise line that is to your satisfaction.

If for some reason you are feeling skeptical about cruise line vacationing and rather take a road trip instead, here is a great road trip planning tool that you can use. Also, you can plan your vacation using other modes of transportation such as train travel and of course airplane travel.